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should I change my almond trees?

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Davidson starts with ...
I did plant 300 almond tree in my farm 3 years ago, but because of some personal problems I couldn't stay in my farm, and I couldn't irrigate my trees, they were irrigated through rains only.
The trees didn't grow well, my neighbor have much bigger trees now, while he only plant them 2 years ago.
My question now.
I plant my trees for commercial manner. if I irrigate them, would they grow big again? or is it too late and better to plant new trees?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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11th July 2017 7:48pm
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Markmelb says...
No reason why not if irrigated as long as not dead - they may have a better root system than your neighbor - some photos of yours & his would have help give a better idea ? Almonds do like water tho.
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12th July 2017 8:13am
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