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Sick Jaboticaba

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Becs starts with ...
I have two jaboticaba trees, Both are well established. Planted in well draining soil, and fertilised semi regularly. The smaller one lost 95% of the leafs about August last year, while the bigger tree has lost substantial amounts of leaf in the last month (1 side seems fine, otherwise near bare). I can’t figure out why, they’ve been fine for 2 years (since we moved in) and have fruited fine & I havent changed anything?
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Esk, Qld
10th January 2018 8:15pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Becs

I can observe that your Jabos are planted in the middle of the lawn (the smaller one). Have you or anyone unknowingly ever used any herbicide near your jabo like weed and feed or glyphosate. A healthy tree will suddenly goes down south if they touch any herbicide whether in their canopy or in their root system through leaching. Another suspect are lawn grubs (elephant beetle larvae and apple weevil larvae). Those critters likes to chew plant roots and serious injury to roots will eventually be exhibited in reduced foliage canopy growth and leaf loss. They might have developed a liking to your jabo root system. These crims can be decimated by pesticides with imidacloprid as an active constituent. Do a further investigation and backtracking with regards to my prognosis. Also closely examine the main trunks and boughs for any mechanical or biological injury where sinister pathogens might enter the trees cambium layer and cause havoc to its health. An obvious sign is an exudate (bleeding, oozing wound) that might get infected.

It's also worth to clear at least one meter around the trees of grass and weeds and organically mulched to reduced water and nutrient competition from the lawn.

Happy Gardening :-)
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12th January 2018 11:49am
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