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Sick Lemon Tree

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kaiser soze starts with ...
Hi I was hoping someone might be help me with my lemon tree it is looking sad I water a couple of time a week and fertilize with Seasol Powerfeed and yates citrus liquid every few weeks
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kaiser soze
1st July 2017 1:33pm
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Original Post was last edited: 1st July 2017 1:33pm
Tola says...
Get another seed. Without any fertilizer, get a fertile alluvial or humus soil. Put this into a plastic container or tight-leather bag. Add two to three seeds. After two weeks, remove one seed if the three shoots out.
Do not water it, if there is rain, but if tgere is no rain water it every two days.
Let it stay there in its place. Till the next rains. Take it to the feild for normal planting.
That is your LEMON!

No need for fertilizer. That is the use of natural methods in planting trees.
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6th July 2017 6:08am
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