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star fruit carambola pruning

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arcobelina starts with ...
How vicious can I be in pruning carambola?

They are getting too tall, over 4m now and too much to try and pick the fruit easily

Can I pollard the trees (we have two for cross pollination, no idea of what variety)

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Dicky Beach
26th March 2017 9:45am
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Lissa says...
Hmmm, had this problem with my Carombola also. It grew into a beautifully shaped tree about 4m tall which made it difficult to crop the fruit on high. Friends came over and we pruned it by half. The tree grew back to the same height in no time and the branches weren't as strong as the original.

An Arborist friend told me I should have kept it pruned while it was growing as now it had reached full height it would always aim to grow back to same.

Lesson is, keep your fruit trees trimmed to a reachable height while they are growing. Good luck with yours. Let us know how you go.
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4th April 2017 5:49pm
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