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Stunted grape

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Caro starts with ...
I have two sultana grapes put in this year - they have done absolutely nothing!!
They have had seasol & I have a drip water system that gives them 3L water night and morning for an hour but they haven’t grown at all- what am I doing wrong?
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10th January 2018 11:35pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...
Hi Caro

Normally grapes are planted bare rooted during late winter to early spring when they are dormant to get the best start out of them.

In your case you've planted your sulatanas in the middle of summer. They are bit prone to shock when they are planted in full sun because in the nursery they are covered under a shade cloth or inside the greenhouse not basking in the full glory of the weather elements. Some plants fail to recover because of too much transplant shock. What you should do is to erect a shade cloth to cover them from hot the summer sun until they become acclimatized. When they are hardened off you can removed the shade.

Secondly, you are over watering them. Two times a day is more than enough. Allow the soil to dry a bit between watering or else you going to slowly drown them to death.

Fertilizer wise, give them ample amount of nitrogen fertilizer (dynamic lifter or equivalent) to push their growth. Tie the healthiest shoot to the stake with half an inch vinyl translucent tape and snip all the shoots except the healthiest one tied to the stake.

Happy Gardening :-)
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13th January 2018 1:11pm
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