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The Hearty Harpephyllum...

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Linton starts with ...
Harpephyllum caffrum, or Kaffir Plum, flourish and thrive in Melbourne and fruits profusely almost continuously here. The red skinned fruit are best eaten when soft by squeezing the fruit so that the juicy yellow pulp pops out of the jacket and into your mouth, exploding a wonderful tropical flavour. It has an intense mango like taste with a nice balance of sweet and sour.

The Harpephyllum is a medium size tree but I would like opinions as to whether it could be kept more compact for smaller gardens and if it could be grown in a large pot. There are a few young trees growing in the neighbourhood that are only a couple of metres high and currently loaded with fruit. So that seems to indicate that if it could be kept small, perhaps with judicious pruning, it should still produce a hearty bounty. Thank you.
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7th July 2021 8:37pm
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JoshExoticFruit says...
How long do they take to fruit?
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13th July 2021 8:19am
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