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ThreeWayplum help 2 problems.

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agw starts with ...
I have a https://www.daleysfruit.com.au/plant/3-way-Plum-Mariposa-Santa-Rosa-Flavor-Supreme.htm tree that I planted 5 years ago, It is doing well except for a few problems, I have just picked one species of the tree's crop, the other species is still completely green and tend to fall off before they ripen (I am going to try watering the tree more this year) and the 3rd Part of the tree is yet to bear a single fruit. Can you tell me which is which ?

I am GUESSING the one i picked was the santa rosa, the green one is the flavour supreme and the part that is not fruiting is mariposa and I need to get a Satsuma tree / Graft if I want to get fruit or give up and cut off that 3rd of the tree?.. =( please advise.

Are their any uses for these plums that are currently green that usually fall off without ripening besides chutney, pickled or brewed?

Thankyou for your time.
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25th December 2017 6:16pm
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Fruitylicious1 says...

Try cincturing or girdling the unproductive variety of your trio. Cincturing works by temporarily stopping the flow of photosynthesized sugar from the leaves to the roots thus forcing the unproductive branch and tree to produce flowers. And it also helps to curtail over vigorous unproductive fruit trees. You don't need fancy tool to perform the girdling process. I normally use electrical tie wrap or twine to tie around the target branch or I perform a cut around the bough about 3-5 mm wide and remove the entire bark and cover it with plastic or grafting wax to protect the wound. If you are using tie or string be sure to remove it before the bark completely heals coz it will not mend properly and weakens it if you leave behind pieces of string around the cinctured branch. It is best performed during summer up to early winter just before bud break.

Improper irrigation and fertilization management will also affect fruit set and ultimately fruit production. If you haven't installed an automatic irrigation system it is highly recommended that you do if you are aiming for consistent fruit production. In my case I installed both the digital and analog irrigation system and I found out that the analog (dial type) is more user friendly. The advantage of an automatic H2O system is the set and forget feature. You can go on holidays without having to worry about garden moisture management. Normally, 5 year old fruiting trees need at least 3-5 gallons of water per week, 6 year old trees at least 4-6 gallons per week. With regards to fertilizer application, it is best to apply them just before bud break. So when your trees finally wake up food is already available for their consumption.

With regards to pollination. Both Mariposa and Flavor Supreme can be cross pollinated by Santa Rosa. You just need to wait for your Mariposa to bloom. If you cincture your Mariposa this season i am sure it will blossom this coming spring in sync with your Santa Rosa and flavor supreme hence better chance of cross pollination and successful fruit set.

For your quick reference i have included images of pic 1: mariposa plum, pic 2: flavor supreme pluot, pic 3: santa rosa plum.

Happy Gardening :-)
Pictures - Click to enlarge

Picture: 1

Picture: 2

Picture: 3
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26th December 2017 4:46pm
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