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trixie peach &amp; nectarine

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Nancye starts with ...
I repotted both of these trees early this year, and the blossum was very heavy and now I have fruit sll over I might add this will be the first season I have any Nectarines, the cursed leaf curl is back I did spray but maybe not enough the fruit on the nectarine is showing signs as if it is being attacked as the skin is looking very strange. Is this something I can fix I have started to thin out the fruit on both as there will not be enough room for it all, can anyone help ?? Nancye
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8th October 2012 3:28pm
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Wazzbat says...
I have had my trees for about 3 years now and I forgot to spray this year but did so the last 2 years. I also just stripped any curled leaves as soon as I saw them and I had less last year than the year before and this year, I can't see any.....yet. Fingers crossed.

Not sure about the strange skin on the fruit though?
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11th October 2012 7:45am
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