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True velvick budwood

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GR34V35 starts with ...
Hi all, I have been chasing some true velvick budwood for some time but I seem to be struggling to find anywhere to Aquire some by any chance does anyone here have any I can purchase or know where I may find some?

Thank you
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12th May 2017 7:56am
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Markmelb says...
If you purchase a Secondo you just might get a Velvick rootstock - Only got mine in March 17 - I never thought of getting it to shoot below the graft and then regrafting it - or even trying to learn how to clonal graft it but Duke7 may be better? Keen to see how the Velvick goes here with the cold wet winters as did have to use granular fungicides last December and has worked a treat as well as saving friends plants too.They only needed a teaspoon in their pots.
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15th May 2017 9:09am
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