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Vanuatu grapefruit - pample mousse

    2 responses

Diane starts with ...
Does anyone know about growing Vanuatu Grapefruit? We have just visited Vanuatu and really enjoyed a local white grapefruit there which the locals call pamplemousse (I think this is french for grapefruit). It is very different from ones here in Australia - quite neutral or sweet tasting and extremely juicy... maybe because of their climate (4 metres of rainfall). They also have a pink one there which has the same sourness of the Ruby here. I'd love to grow the white one here in Aus if available as have good rainfall at Flaxton Qld... VERY REFRESHING AND JUICY!
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Flaxton Qld
24th October 2007 11:52am
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Ramesh says...
Hi Diane,

You are right about the french version of grape fruit - Pamplemousse. being originally from Mauritius, there is actually a botanical garden called Les Jardins des Pamplemousses. Funny!. It is quite popular in Mauritius and especially the pink one which is juicy and not too acid. I can understand your excitment...I guess it grows well in a tropical environment, but where/how to grow them I'm very sorry I cannot help here.

However, I'm sure that it will in Qld. I know for sure it needs a well drained soil, just enough sun but not too much, some humidity and guess needs the same tree as normal grape fruit trees.

Diane, I'm about to start off on a huge backyard of (25-30) semi-dwarf or grafted fruit trees in Melbourne, any suggestion is most welcome.
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3rd December 2007 9:26am
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Erena says...
Hi there. Were you ever able to grow this fruit. I have just returned from over there and am very keen to grow or purchase this fruit. Even keen to look at exporting some
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24th May 2014 8:27pm
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