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What fruit is this

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Delldgm starts with ...
Hi, I have just moved to a new house and there is a passionfruit vine with another vine growing through it. I though it might be a panama Gold passionfruit Gold but they don't seem to be red inside like mine. they are very soft and quiet small (although are getting bigger now we are watering them) they have been neglected for about 18mths but are still fruiting. they aren't sourish like a black passionfruit but I wouldn't say sweet either but are nice, any suggestions?
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25th January 2011 10:00pm
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peter says...
hi delldgm
if you have orange skinned red fleshed fruit then it is probably the root stock which has started to grow
which has 5 lobed dark green leaves
that have distinct viens.
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25th January 2011 11:18pm
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