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What is wrong with my mango tree

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Fiona D starts with ...
Hi all. I have been reading a few of your posts and I’m hoping that somebody would have some ideas. We moved to the house where we are currently living in last November. We live in Brisbane. The house has a beautiful big mango tree and another that is a bit smaller. There seems to be something wrong with them but unsure what the issue is. The smaller mango tree has pretty much no leaves left on it and the larger mango tree seems to be going that way. Our neighbours advised that the previous owners didn’t really care about the garden and that they hardly watered. So we have tried watering regurlarly since the summer but we don’t see much of a difference. We also seem to have possibly the whole population of Australian possums living here so any new growth we see on the tree one day it is gone by the next day.
By images I have seen im guessing it could be anthracnose but unsure.
Would appreciate if somebody knows what the issue is and if anybody has any experience in spraying large trees, how to do it /what sort of equipment do you use and where to get the equipment from. I’m really struggling to find long reach sprayers. Our large mango tree is about 10-12m high and about the same in diameter.
Attached are some photos.
Thank you very much for your help
Pictures - Click to enlarge

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Fiona D
10th July 2021 9:24pm
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sandy31 says...
hi, I am no expert , but You need to prune manngo , bring it lower around 4..5m if you can first, than open the center bit more for airflow and sun light.
Spray with A good fungicide after prunning.
After than Make a shallow 2...3 inch deep well around the tree from base of tree to 2m, add generous amount of good cow manure , Neem cake, pot ash and compost/ worm casting in the well and water it well. Leave well open for 2 weeks and after that back fill the soil .
.. make sure check for any insects (mealy bugs etc) on tree and use appropriate insecticide.
And Fungal spary may required every 15 days for few months

It should bounce back after this
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20th July 2021 4:20pm
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