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What plant should I put here?

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BlackThumbed starts with ...
Hi all,

I have a small patch of space (~40cm x ~40cm) that gets at least 6 hours of part sun (larger peach tree shading it), it has really good loamy-clay soil and is rich in nutrients. What should I put here? I was thinking a blueberry but my soil isn't acidic enough.

Any suggestions appreciated!
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Malvern east
23rd March 2019 7:22pm
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Potty Bob 1 says...
If you want blueberries, go fr it .
Just add some pine needles to the soil , and heavily mulch with pine needles or pine bark .
I use normal potting mix and heavy pine bark mulching for the acid .i can't get pine needles easily . Plenty of berries.
Or dig out 20l dirt and replace with a 25l bag of azalea-rose potting mix .
Or try a Grumichma , small braillian shrub , cherry like fruit .
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Potty Bob 1
24th March 2019 3:31pm
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Original Post was last edited: 24th March 2019 3:32pm

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