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White fungus growth on almond tree

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zephyr starts with ...
Hi, am new to this forum. I have an old almond tree that develops a white fungus growth on the trunk every year around may. The trunk was buried for a lot of years about 25cms higher than pic. I dug out around it about 5 yrs ago on friend's advice to clar trunk from the soil. It flowers profusely every spring then greens up very well,but has very little fruit. Branches seem to be drooping last couple of years. Just wondering if anyone knows what the fungus is and what i can do about it, or do i need to do anything? Thanx...Suz
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North beach
6th August 2017 11:09am
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Markmelb says...
I would spray with Copperoxychloride - this year i planted a plantnet dwarf almond near my flemings dwarf in a pot that rareley holds fruit too (6 in 4 years none last) hoping for cross pollination as both about to flower - will update on a better crop on both i hope :)
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7th August 2017 7:45am
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