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Will my Avocardo tree Survive

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Black Thumb starts with ...
Hi I purchased a Dwarf avocardo tree that was grafted, this tree was planted in Dec 2020 (SW Sydney) and it seemed to struggle a bit in the summer heat but has come good and was looking very healthy and it had a growth spurt from the end of winter. Well that was until the dog decided she would chew the stem below the graft down to about 10cm in height. during Oct a sucker has emerged and is now larger than the chewed stem in height. There are signs of leaves at the top of this sucker, so I am hoping this will grown into a replacement stem. Could someone please advise if this is the case and what variety of avocardo will fruit, and how long will it take to fruit. Where i live there is very thick and heavy clay so i dug down 65cm and replaced the soil with good quality potting mix and also built it up by 10am. Every now and then the tree gets a spray of seasol.

Looking forward to any comments.
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Black Thumb
3rd November 2020 9:28am
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Itstilldepends says...
If the sucker is from below the graft then its the rootstock. Unless you have room to spare, pull it out and plant a new one.

As a seedling it will be an unknown variety, its a gamble. Space and time are precious, you are going to be waiting years for it to fruit, if you have the space and time for that, keep it, otherwise replace it.
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EATON 6232 WA Australia
3rd November 2020 11:20am
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