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Yacon not setting tubers

    2 responses

DavidS starts with ...
I had a really good crop of Yacon this time last year. This year crop are just dying back after the first frosts but I just dug around a little bit and cannot find any tubers. Last year they were bursting out of the ground. The plants were plenty vigorous. Any clues?
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Hunter Valley
19th June 2009 9:41pm
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Ellen says...
Did your water feeding habit changed at all this year compared to last year ? perhaps .
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20th June 2009 7:04am
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Eve says...
Hi David
I found that the plants have to really die back fully before tubers can be lifted. I just harvested my first crop and waited about two months after the plants were completely browned and dry. And we had a lot of heavy frosts this year already in Canberra.

The tubers might be hiding a bit deeper than where you first looked. Maybe wait a bit longer after complete brown-off.

Just as an added note: we tried them for the first time this week after lifting and they were lovely for anyone who has never tried them.

Really crisp but juicy with a flavour a bit like a cross between apple, watermelon, nashi pear and maybe a small hint of celery. The apple flavour being the strongest.

Even teenagers ate them.
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26th July 2009 5:49pm
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