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Tina D starts with ...
Hi. Looking for some advice. My younhberries grow vigorously and have hundreds of flowers that are visited by lots of bees. None of them turn into berries though. This is the third year of growing second year of these flowers. If i pick then i can see tiny green, undeveloped berries but they don't mature.
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Tina D
Casino nsw
23rd November 2017 10:49pm
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chookie2 says...
Are they in full sun or semi shade and do they get regular and enough water? Good soil helps too.
Water will be the deciding factor as they need LOTS of water at the right time to produce good fruit, full sun can dry them out quickly.They are a forest floor plant and like filtered shade and damp soil.Mine grow and fruit under an oak tree with barely filtered sunlight.It does take about three years to establish and start to give a good crop so maybe this year you will be lucky. You could also look for red spider mite (need a magnifying glass) - a tiny red spider that sucks the goodness out of plants.
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S.W. Vic
7th December 2017 10:17am
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