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Your favourite Lychee variety?

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Azza starts with ...
Hi guys :) I'm from Brisbane, and just got my first lychee marcott, a Bosworth 3/ Kwai May Pink. However I've heard that the taste varies between cultivars, from bland and sugary to complex and rose and floral. It's hard to pick a tree from a list when you don't know what it tastes like :)

The other varieties I'm considering are Salathiel, No Mai Chi and Wai Chee, and possibly Kiamana because they're said to be prolific (but such a noob and open to any others), but would love to hear from someone who's tasted (and tried to grow) them!

What are your favourite cultivars for taste and seed size, what would you steer clear of, and which taste similar to other types? What would go well with the Bosworth and grow in SE Qld?

Huge thanks in advance!!

(Ps, I've heard the Wai Chee have huge seeds, is this true or just one person's experience?)

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Norman Park
24th June 2019 2:40pm
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