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Botanical Name: Flacourtia indica

A small tree that bears large edible berries of dark purple to black and is similar in texture to a European plum. The grafted variety is thornless and self pollinating. An attractive tree with coppery new growth. Hardy and easy to grow. They are the tropical equivalent of the damsons plum and like them, the Governor's plum also have enough pectin to make good jams and jellies.

Seedling plants can be use to create an impenetrable hedge due to their formidable thorns. 

Governors plum

Governors Plum - seedling

A small tree that bears large edible berries of dark purple to black and is similar in texture to a European plum. Seedling plants can be used to create an impenetrable hedge due to their formidable thorns.
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$9.90 0 Seedling Medium Email Me When Available In Production
$17.90 0 Seedling Large Email Me When Available Seeking Propagation Material
Governors plum fruit

Governors Plum - Select

A small tree that bears large edible berries of dark purple to black and is similar in texture to a European plum. Cutting grown plants are thornless and true to type. The small fruits have a plum-like flavour.
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$19.75 0 Cutting Large Email Me When Available In Production

Plant Information or Specifications

Max Height (when in the ground with good conditions)


Plants required to Pollinate

1 (Self Pollinating)
Learn about Pollination

Can it Handle Frosts?


Amount of leaves in Winter?

All Leaves (Evergreen)

Fruiting/Harvest Months

March, April, May


Customer Comments on Governors Plum

Tree Information on growing, planting, pruning, maintenance, ripening, taste, pick or bonsai tips. But mainly how to grow a Governors Plum Share Your Advice or ask questions on our Forum

Governors Plum

We have no experience with this variety but with European plums we wash and destem,load into freezer bags, remove the air by vacuum and leave in freezer until needed. then use as stewed fruit, as jam, fruit sauce or as a cordial with ginger beer. | Margaret O - Buderim, Q 21-Jun-2007

Governors Plum

I just stewed a whole pot full with a little fructose, blended, pushed through a sieve and used as a flavour mixed through plain yoghurt and an icecream topping. The kids loved it and they also eat them raw off the tree. | Lara Gillespie - Tarzali, QLD 07-Apr-2009

Governors Plum

There's a couple of street trees in Browning Street, West End of this tree (I had them identfied by the BCC herbarium). A good looking tree with no thorns, obviously tough, and delicious berries. | Gav - Highgate Hill, Brisbane, Q 04-Feb-2010

Governors Plum

Governors plum grown in Jamaica 20-30 ft tall fruit twice a year very nice mature trees has no thorns eat fruit from tree very nice , good shade. young plants has thorns . | Ernest Moodie - Kingston , JAM 25-Nov-2010

Governors Plum

In the Commonwealth of Dominica (not the Dominican Republic)we do not eat the acid plum but gently squeeze it to softness and it becomes very sweet. I do not understand the effect of the squeezing on the chemistry of the fruit. | Hildreth Ann John-charles - Mahaut, DOM 11-Aug-2015

Governors Plum

Governors Plum flacourtia indica,Balsa St Inala has 50yr old thorny heavy cropping small 14mm plum fruiting 4m trees and about half of these are male trees and the fruit after cooking with sugar make a lovely jelly after sieving out the seeds. | Noel Hall - Inala, QLD 23-Mar-2018
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