20m Roll of Flex Tubing

(1/5) 20m Roll of Flex Tubing

30m on the left and 20m on the right of flex tubing

(2/5) 30m on the left and 20m on the right of flex tubing

20m Flex Tubing

(3/5) 20m Flex Tubing

20m flex tubing

(4/5) 20m flex tubing

20m flex tubing

(5/5) 20m flex tubing


Irrigation 20m Flex Tube 12mm diameter

Gardening Tools - Accessories > Fruit Tree Irrigation System > Irrigation 20m Flex Tube 12mm diameter
At 20m in length this is going to suit a small to medium Australian backyard. This flex tubing allows you to connect directly to your home garden taps and handle the typical water flow without bursting connections like typical polypipe that requires expen... Read More


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Smart Irrigation Controller


This smart irrigation controller lasts a long time using just 2 AA batteries. This is because it uses Zigbee. Other smart controllers use wifi which is very power hungry. The gateway allows you to connect soil sensors to know how much water is needed. You can create schedules and monitor your water usage. The smartlife App allows you to see statistics and set schedules even create watering depending on conditions. Please note: 1 Gateway is needed to use this device. The gateway is powered by a USB connection and can be placed within your house near a window. then you can connect soil sensors and other devices to this gateway.

Lychee - No Mai Chi


One of the most prized and desired varieties in the world and the leading variety in China. Large red fruits with small seeds, they have clean, dry fruits that are excellent for drying. The trees are harder to grow than other varieties and can be frustratingly slow but with extra care and nurturing they are well worth the effort for the quality of their fruits. Better suited to areas with cool winters. Late season.

Mango - R2E2

$54.00 ($17.90-$89.00 choose a size)

One of the largest and most attractive fruits with good, sweet flavour. High flesh to seed ratio with very slight fibre. Susceptible to Black Spot and Anthracnose. It has proven to be a consistent cropper over a range of climates. Vigorous growth habit. wt 675gms. It can be purchased as a more expensive grafted variety which will fruit earlier and have a known cultivar or cheaper seedling plants which are more hardy than the grafted selection and these seedling plants although they take longer to fruit and establish.

Smart Gateway - Zigbee and Bluetooth


This smart gateway is used in a smart irrigation system. It is placed near a window that has direct line of sight to your backyard. It allows the battery powered smart irrigation controller and soil moisture sensors to send signals to it that can then be controlled by the smart life app.

Mango - Bambaroo


Superior grafted selection of Kensington Pride (Bowen Mango). Fruit medium size, orange yellow blush early, very sweet.

Lychee - Red Ball

$69.00 ($69.00-$120.00 choose a size)

Fruits at a young age. Attractive large red fruit with relatively small seed. Excellent sweet flavour. Mid season, the fruits are about 40g in weight. Fast growing tree. Recently imported Chinese variety that will become more widely commercially planted.

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