30m Roll of 12mm flex tubing

(1/4) 30m Roll of 12mm flex tubing

Shows side by side comparison of the 30m roll vs the 20m roll of 12mm flex tubing

(2/4) Shows side by side comparison of the 30m roll vs the 20m roll of 12mm flex tubing

30m Roll flex tubing

(3/4) 30m Roll flex tubing

30m Roll flex tubing

(4/4) 30m Roll flex tubing


Irrigation 30m Flex Tube 12mm diameter

Gardening Tools - Accessories > Fruit Tree Irrigation System > Irrigation 30m Flex Tube 12mm diameter
This flex tubing allows you to connect directly to your home garden taps and handle the typical water flow without bursting connections like typical polypipe that requires expensive pressure reducing connectors. The flexibility of the tubing allows you to... Read More
Other Names: Tubing


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Irrigation 10m Flex Tube 5mm diameter


This tubing allows you to connect from your large main line which is 12mm tubing into a sprinkler that will water your fruit trees. You can use T-connectors to daisy chain multiple sprinklers together however you should not run it more than 5m in distance due to the pressure loss from the main line.

Simple Irrigation Controller


This simple irrigation controller allows you to water your plants every hour all the way up to once per week for a duration that you set. For example you might like a very deep watering of 60 minutes or a very shallow water of 1 minute every very hours. Easily adjustable. It also includes connectors for common Australian backyard taps.

Smart Irrigation Controller


This smart irrigation controller lasts a long time using just 2 AA batteries. This is because it uses Zigbee. Other smart controllers use wifi which is very power hungry. The gateway allows you to connect soil sensors to know how much water is needed. You can create schedules and monitor your water usage. The smartlife App allows you to see statistics and set schedules even create watering depending on conditions. Please note: 1 Gateway is needed to use this device. The gateway is powered by a USB connection and can be placed within your house near a window. then you can connect soil sensors and other devices to this gateway.

Lychee - Wai Chee

$49.00 ($49.00-$79.00 choose a size)

Crops heavily and regularly in subtropical climates with high quality delicious fruit. Compact growth habit. Freshly picked Lychees are absolutely delicious compared to canned or supermarket fruit. Prefers sheltered, rich well drained soil, with lots organic mulch, and cool winters. Late season

Plum - Satsuma

$59.00 ($39.00-$59.00 choose a size)

Red to purple flesh with a freestone. The flavour is good, the growth vigorous and its bears particularly well, in fact to get large fruits it may require thinning. The firm, juicy flesh has a sweet spicy flavour. 350 - 400 hours chill. Bears November to early December.

Peach - White Opal

$49.00 ($49.00-$54.00 choose a size)

White, melting, sweet flesh. Attractive coloured skin with red blush, over a creamy-white ground colour. Medium to large size rounded, slightly ovate in shape. Low chill for subtropical area. Suited to areas that receive minimal cold weather during the winter months. This cultivar should perform well along coastal regions from Sydney through to Nambour, Qld and in the coastal area

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