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Echinopora's Edible Backyard

Joined: 02/06/14 Updated: 02/06/14 Frost:
Location: terranora

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Echinopora Forum Contributions
Meluma avocado - Bob you can shoot me an email on rggordey at ualberta dot ca. I have a variety of reds, purples and pinks. Not doing much collecting any more but have propigation material available if you want for many tropical and subtropical fruits..76 days 5hrs
Meluma avocado - Potty Bob, do you know if it came from Andersen horticulture in Duranbah? I work in potty and would be keen on budwood come next year if you don’t mind sharing your source . I graft a few things so I’m sure I could find something in the patch you migh..80 days 16hrs
Lucs garcinia availability - It’s been fruited as single plants in the states, and most new world garcinias are self pollinating. But to my knowledge the plants fruiting outside of Mexico have not produced full sized fruit yet. ..88 days 5hrs
Java blue bananas - Call Oxley nursery ..128 days 8hrs
Mango scion wood - Should be some wood at the right stage right now ..128 days 8hrs
Brisbane suggestions for miniature fruit trees - You can also try the more hardy garcinias (Mexican, achacha, lemon drop, madruno), smaller jaboticaba like aureana, red, scarlet and most other Eugenia’s (Surinam cherry, rainforest plum, pitangatuba, cherry of the rio grande). The Brazilian guava Daley..132 days 5hrs
Jakfruit on the far south coast - The tree is an Osage orange . ..132 days 5hrs
Mango scion wood - Postage ends up being $12 dollars and a few bucks if you want them buddy taped. Just postage if you want them in a ziplock bag. My os trees are just starting to flush so can take wood after it hardens up. What’s your # or email. Mike did you get any flo..162 days 6hrs
Mango scion wood - Arkp Allison red Kensington pride Os orange sherbet Lz lemon zest St sweet tart..165 days 7hrs
Mango scion wood - I can send palmer, NDM, ARKP, OS seedling, LZ seedling, ST seedling, Kwan, Palmer, honey gold seedling (has flowered and set but not matured fruit). I'd ask postage and tape cost (about 10 bucks usually). Rob..165 days 18hrs
Ornamental fruit tree for brisbane - Jaboticaba are ornamental and grow slow enough to keep small. The red variety would be a good one. Also kumquats and calamondins (Nagami is sour&sweet, Meiwa is just sweet). Many of the Eugenias can be managed small. Brazilian cherry, grumichama, pitangat..217 days 11hrs
Julie mango variety - I grafted mine to an older tree so it's been pretty vigorous. Not sure I got the poly seedling though so will have to fruit it before I can say much else. ..238 days 10hrs
Julie mango variety - Anthony How do you find honey gold for Anthracnose? My honey gold seedling flowers but get hammered by Anthracnose. In my yard ndm/arkp Seem pretty resistant, Kwan moderately resistant, Palmer susceptible and honeygold very susceptible. Mike gave me som..246 days 13hrs
Avocados hass vs lamb hass - The lamb Hass in Bunnings will be grafted material from fruit lovers nursery. If they haven’t been at the store too long quality is usually pretty good. The main downside to lamb Hass is that it doesn’t store on the tree as well as Hass. The upside is..323 days 13hrs
Dragon fruit - The stump will eventually rot. You can slow it down by putting a galvanized pier/post cap on it, as palms will rot from the inside out if the core gets damp. At the end of the day you will be better off heading down to the local farm store and getting a 2..350 days 12hrs

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