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Echinopora's Edible Backyard

Joined: 02/06/14 Updated: 02/06/14 Frost:
Location: terranora

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Echinopora Forum Contributions
Mango scion wood - They are currently blooming but I’m sure some of the panicles will abort, and can take wood then. Since they are blooming I’d be inclined to wait to see what the fruit end up being like since they are seedlings. Either way it’ll be a month or two...13 days 8hrs
Meluma avocado - Bob you can shoot me an email on rggordey at ualberta dot ca. I have a variety of reds, purples and pinks. Not doing much collecting any more but have propigation material available if you want for many tropical and subtropical fruits..161 days 1hrs
Meluma avocado - Potty Bob, do you know if it came from Andersen horticulture in Duranbah? I work in potty and would be keen on budwood come next year if you don’t mind sharing your source . I graft a few things so I’m sure I could find something in the patch you migh..165 days 12hrs
Lucs garcinia availability - It’s been fruited as single plants in the states, and most new world garcinias are self pollinating. But to my knowledge the plants fruiting outside of Mexico have not produced full sized fruit yet. ..173 days 1hrs
Java blue bananas - Call Oxley nursery ..213 days 4hrs

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