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Bill49's Edible Backyard

Joined: 26/10/14 Updated: 26/10/14 Frost:
Location: Atherton, QLD

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Bill49 Forum Contributions
Caterpillar id - Many thanks for the replies and link to info - it's good to know what it is. I'm sure I have seen moths like the one in the photo, but had never seen the caterpillar before.. not knowing what it ate, I put it on a (well nibbled) hibiscus in the yard - ho..1225 days 0hrs
Caterpillar id - I live in Atherton, QLD.. had not seen this caterpillar before, does anyone know what it is? Many thanks and apologies if this has already been answered here...1226 days 22hrs
Caterpillar eating rhubarb leaves - Thanks Sternus.. the caterpillar finished eating and has turned into a chrysalis. Hopefully we'll get to see the moth! Do you know if it is a 'good' moth or a pest? ..2508 days 22hrs
Caterpillar eating rhubarb leaves - Could anyone tell me what this caterpillar will turn into? He is happily munching on rhubarb leaves! Thanks..2518 days 3hrs

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