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Tim's Edible Backyard

Joined: 28/10/14 Updated: 28/10/14 Frost:
Location: Bronte

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Tim Forum Contributions
Repotting fuit trees - Hey guy's the plants are all around 1.5-2m tall, the fig and pomegranate are about 50mm main trunk diameter. The pot's are 45cm plastic one, basically the biggest I could find at Bunnings. I just want them manageable, if I need to move them. I'm thinking..823 days 0hrs
Repotting fuit trees - Hey guy's, my Fig's, Pomegranate's and Blue Berries are just starting to slow down and I'm looking to re-pot them as they are starting to get root bound. I would like to keep them in there same pot's so do I just cut their root's back to give them mo..828 days 21hrs
Too many banana pups - im also currently fertilising with a BnB +Potash mix.. could probably fertilise more...1693 days 17hrs
Too many banana pups - Thanks for the reply guys... So nothing unusual about having 7 pups all at once? Tim ..1693 days 18hrs
Too many banana pups - Hi guy's, i have a dwarf cavendish banana in a pot, it's about 2m tall and has just thrown up 7 separate pup's. Really would love to get it to fruit, i have only put BnB on it so far, do i need to fertilise with anything else? There is no way 7 pup's ..1695 days 18hrs

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