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MIke T1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 30/10/14 Updated: 30/10/14 Frost:
Location: cairns

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

MIke T1 Forum Contributions
Cupuacu1 - I have none as I gave them away.They are just too hard to get and have low germination rates.None are fruiting in Oz as far as I know.Lower hanging fruit might be more attractive...1221 days 14hrs
My dragonfruit fowers but doesnt set fruit - I ditched all those needing x pollination and now have handsome crops from many varieties including hybrids.No,white for me,only a token yellow and the only red is Colombian.Aztec gem,H.occamponis,Oscars orange and few others are good enough for me.My fri..1221 days 14hrs
Honey gold mango - By manila do you mean caraboa?..1271 days 7hrs
Amber jackfruit - The first season of fruit will probably be next year then David.The fruit quality improves for 3 seasons in Jacks and then they are always great...1271 days 7hrs
Dwarf eugenias in flower1 - They are Eugenia selloi now and it helps them set if you have a couple flowering at the same time...1271 days 7hrs
Tree identification needed - There is no picture attached...1274 days 16hrs
Identification5 - If Casillas, kadsura,duguetia and pandans collided that is what could be produced.Looks like a young pandan of some species but there is no accompanying information...1279 days 6hrs
Eugenia condolleana - I germinated E.moseni and it took a long time...1289 days 5hrs
Black sapote not growing - Mmmmm maybe excess water or a nutrient deficiency.Are the leaves properly coloured?..1291 days 15hrs
Paw paw disease - Sounds like fruit spotting bugs are biting the tips and new leaves. ..1291 days 15hrs
Lychee14 - Depends on the variety but they all like full sun and a dry spring.You may have a tropical variety when a subtropical selection would have done better.They love mulch and organic matter and respond well to fertilizer.Dry cool wind and over application or ..1291 days 15hrs
Eugenia condolleana - They are easy to sprout unless seeds are old.Older seeds can take many months to germinate...1291 days 15hrs
Chempedak1 - Bangkok the ones in thailand are exceptionally ordinary it is true and some locals call bad quality Jacks chempa.There are good types in Malaysia...1291 days 15hrs
What name is this fruit - A picture or information would help with identification...1291 days 16hrs
Casabanana - I have grown a few and the taste is not good enough to warrant growing.That goes for red and brown types. ..1295 days 5hrs

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