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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveProtect your plants with Frost ClothBareroot Grapes order yours nowOur New Look Magazine is Out Now

Magnificuss's Edible Backyard

Joined: 28/01/15 Updated: 28/01/15 Frost:
Location: Abbotsford

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Magnificuss Forum Contributions
Longans in melbourne - Heya, did you know that Daley's is now selling the Mata Kuching? They are selling 165mm pots for 29. What do you guys think?..2354 days 17hrs
Longans in melbourne - Hi Linton, I dont mind doing that at all. How do I find your email? And Miss Waterfall...well done with the lychees. I have been told it is harder than longan but it is worth it. I also have 2 B3 lychees myself. Just received them. But all the leav..2354 days 23hrs
Longans in melbourne - Thank you waterfall...will do just that. Do you have Longans growing too? ..2355 days 17hrs
Longans in melbourne - Hi again, just an update...I still have these Longans in the original pots as I am preparing the ground hole for them. I wanted to ask you guys if you recommend any fertilisers for now? Does anything help strengthen these young plants? Many thanks in adva..2355 days 21hrs
Longans in melbourne - Thanks heaps guys! Will keep it under shade and out of direct sun until it establishes itself. ..2362 days 19hrs

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