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Adrian's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/02/15 Updated: 09/02/15 Frost:
Location: Melrose Park, SA

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Adrian Forum Contributions
Seville orange - No probs Kerry, will keep you posted on their progress and they are definitely rough skinned, scroll up and see my post from 8th of July as I added a pic of the actual rough skinned orange I took the seeds from. ..1296 days 14hrs
Seville orange - Hi again everyone, I have many seedlings started maybe 80 or so and will post periodically on their progress and can arrange somehow if people want any of them but won't be available until they get about a metre high, these are 100% rough skinned Seville ..1298 days 7hrs
Honey gold mango - Hi everyone, I have good experience growing mango from seed and also grafting mango trees, I live in suburban Adelaide and have 3 mango trees in my front yard which faces north so I get the winter sun too, climate here is hot and dry so humidity plays no ..1298 days 8hrs
Seville orange - Hmmmmmmmm...1356 days 2hrs
Seville orange - AliK asks..Can I graft a branch to another citrus tree that is fruiting, for example a dwarf lemon tree that I have ? Am trying to put a vid together on grafting/budding as the visual is far better than text. All the grafts I did in early autumn are no..1356 days 4hrs
Seville orange - Alik you may need to wait a year or 2 more as your tree is a seedling so just be patient, never over water or over fertilise, keep the soil moist not damp and use about an inch of mulch, put some snail bait around the trunk as snails and slugs love eating..1357 days 13hrs
Seville orange - Can do, no need to send any stamps etc as it's only 70c to send, contact me at adrianrogers007 at yahoo dot com dot au no spaces of course...1357 days 14hrs
Seville orange - I would just grow stock from Seville seeds and graft on to them...the trick to get fruit sooner is to take bud wood from a tree that has reached fruit bearing age. I have quite a few multi grafted citrus trees including lemon,lime & grapefruit..Imperial,..1411 days 7hrs
Seville orange - My seedling tree will produce rough skinned Seville oranges as the seeds come true to type but be prepared to wait around 5 years or so for fruit. To plant seeds just wait till first month of spring passes then put seed in prepared pot which has been kep..1411 days 13hrs
Seville orange - Hi, here is a pic of my rough skinned Seville oranges I got from a friend plus a young seedling I have. Adrian...1411 days 13hrs
Rare peach tree - Lilian if you read this I have an Abiacuto peach in my yard, I got the budwood from rare fruit society SA meeting in 2012 and grafted it onto one of my peach trees, the graft is now a nice branch which will flower this coming spring and fruit should ripen..1560 days 9hrs

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