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Yoda On DMT's Edible Backyard

Joined: 31/03/15 Updated: 31/03/15 Frost:
Location: Trafalmadore

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Yoda On DMT Forum Contributions
Identify tree3 - It's a malabar chestnut. The nuts are edible and are quite good if fried in garlic and peanut oil. http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/Nuts/malabar.htm..1432 days 19hrs
Potatoes - I'm trying purple congo this season but I'd love to give red foo a try too...1436 days 11hrs
Trading cutting figs - lmao yeah. True that...1436 days 12hrs
Yellow crested cockatoos - I get the black ones at my place every now and again. They don't seem to do any damage unlike the whites...1438 days 9hrs
Yellow crested cockatoos - Halfway between platypus and Koala...1438 days 17hrs
If you can see this ill trade - John, Linton--the birthday cake annona seeds will be going out monday. And those pumpkin/melon seeds I promised. And tomatoes...1439 days 12hrs
Help with plant spacing and position - You don't have to go nuts and plant a green manure crop TBH. If you're keen to plant, just buy a few bales of sorghum mulch, and run it through your mulcher--then furrow it in with your compost and worm castings. It will be as good. I wouldn't worry ab..1439 days 21hrs
Daleys fruit market in sydney - Daleys sell a little bit to farmers markets John. I know they supply rollinia and dragonfruit in small quantities to these, but they head south I believe. More likely to turn up in your neck of the woods than mine...1440 days 8hrs
Yoda - If you go up to the top of the page, there is an option to only see posts of people you follow. I will have this checked permanently within the next few weeks, I will give people time to catch up with the following system. After that, I'll whitelist ever..1440 days 20hrs
Yoda - Gnu...1440 days 22hrs
Red bayberry - Because it isn't in production yet. The listings don't go up until this happens. If I tell you it's happening, you can believe it...1440 days 22hrs
Yoda - Nope, you shouldn't be able to delete my post if you're following me. I'm following you and don't have the option to delete. Do you have the option to unhide? That's probably what's causing the drama...1441 days 8hrs
Lucs garcinianow in production from daleys - Very marginal in Melbourne--but what would I know. Many melbournites on this forum have successfully grown fruits outside their comfort zones. Worth a shot...1441 days 12hrs
Lucs garcinianow in production from daleys - Really glad Daleys have managed to do this...I will be growing at least 5 trees...1441 days 13hrs
Lucs garcinianow in production from daleys - Hell yeah! http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/Lucs-Garcenia-Limoncillo.htm ..1441 days 13hrs

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