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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveHazelnut buy 2 save 20%Fruit Tree PacksBuy 3 get 1 FREE bare root stock

Yoda On DMT's Edible Backyard

Joined: 31/03/15 Updated: 31/03/15 Frost:
Location: Trafalmadore

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Yoda On DMT Forum Contributions
Identify tree3 - It's a malabar chestnut. The nuts are edible and are quite good if fried in garlic and peanut oil. http://www.daleysfruit.com.au/Nuts/malabar.htm..1549 days 11hrs
Potatoes - I'm trying purple congo this season but I'd love to give red foo a try too...1553 days 3hrs
Trading cutting figs - lmao yeah. True that...1553 days 5hrs
Yellow crested cockatoos - I get the black ones at my place every now and again. They don't seem to do any damage unlike the whites...1555 days 2hrs
Yellow crested cockatoos - Halfway between platypus and Koala...1555 days 10hrs

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