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Asimili's Edible Backyard

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Location: sYDNEY

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Asimili Forum Contributions
Unknown problem peach and nectarine - Diagnosis is gummosis . No cure . Take a sample of soil to nursery is as sensible as writing a letter to Santa. As if they cared. Another possibility is phytophthora , a soil fungus . Check roots for characteristic changes to confirm..1191 days 10hrs
Fruit fly control - Yes, you are right Fruit fly traps are only used to indicate when to apply control measures They are insufficient of themselves In high pressure areas cover sprays are the only effective measure In less affected areas you can use bait spraying such a..1200 days 9hrs
Black scale on white sapote1 - Big problem of black scale on sapote . Covers tree and stunts the tree . Tried soft cures like oil.... now ready to try the nuclear option . Ideas?..1334 days 10hrs
Double grafted pecans - There are self pollinating pecans-- I have one . Forgot name but is named after Indian tribe..1481 days 11hrs
Apples7 - There are many but I will offer two . Pink Lady and Abbas. ..1481 days 11hrs
Custard apples - Just imagine the mind set of someone who ,on seeing a pineapple for the first time, does not ask the locals "Hey what do you call that?" but instead reaches for an apple analogy and comes up with pineapple . Clearly a parochial, unimaginative fellow...1485 days 8hrs
Custard apples - Sternus , i marvel at your encyclopedic knowledge .....even when it is wrong ha ha . the Anglo Saxons came across the channel in the third century in multiple waves pushing the Celts into what is now Wales. Yes, there are Viking place names but they did ..1485 days 8hrs
Custard apples - We do converse in Latin as most of English is derived from it. (who said that?)..1486 days 11hrs
Custard apples - In line with the tendency to use apple in the names of unrelated fruit and its failure of imagination,I now offer a transport dictionary ....ship to be called 'watercar'...aeroplane is now 'aircar' . bicycle is 'pedalcar' Bus is to be called 'omnicar' Yo..1486 days 15hrs
Custard apples - I wish people stuck to the specific names of 'cherimoya' and 'attemoya' rather than custard apple which can mean anything to someone else. Apart from the sheer dopeyness of the English attaching 'apple' to everthing would it be better to admit that the f..1486 days 15hrs
Misting and bottom het - Rooting takes place when there is a temperature difference between roots and leaves Hence, bottom heat and misting . Plus misting allows leaves to be placed in sunlight without fear of dehydration...1490 days 16hrs
Misting and bottom het - Sure you can do the PET bottle routine . Even first year police recruits know about it. But it is the hard ones like cherimoya and blueberry that need bottom heat/misting You can bet Daleys use that method for blueberries. Interested in Bunnings misters ..1492 days 9hrs
Misting and bottom het - Having read about very difficult plants to propagate by cuttings ,such as blueberries , the answer appears to be the application of bottom heat and misting .. but there does not seem to be an off the shelf product to do this . I could , in all likelihood ..1492 days 16hrs
Rosellas1 - My rosellas taste quite good. Had a little trouble getting the feathers off..1498 days 17hrs
Trading cutting figs - Our quarantine laws are very strict and getting cuttings from Indonesia is a huge task . easier to set up a backyard nuclear reactor..1500 days 10hrs

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