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Asimili's Edible Backyard

Joined: 17/05/15 Updated: 17/05/15 Frost:
Location: sYDNEY

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Asimili Forum Contributions
Unknown problem peach and nectarine - Diagnosis is gummosis . No cure . Take a sample of soil to nursery is as sensible as writing a letter to Santa. As if they cared. Another possibility is phytophthora , a soil fungus . Check roots for characteristic changes to confirm..1276 days 6hrs
Fruit fly control - Yes, you are right Fruit fly traps are only used to indicate when to apply control measures They are insufficient of themselves In high pressure areas cover sprays are the only effective measure In less affected areas you can use bait spraying such a..1285 days 5hrs
Black scale on white sapote1 - Big problem of black scale on sapote . Covers tree and stunts the tree . Tried soft cures like oil.... now ready to try the nuclear option . Ideas?..1419 days 6hrs
Double grafted pecans - There are self pollinating pecans-- I have one . Forgot name but is named after Indian tribe..1566 days 7hrs
Apples7 - There are many but I will offer two . Pink Lady and Abbas. ..1566 days 7hrs

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