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S T A R L I N G's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

S T A R L I N G Forum Contributions
Dwarf papaya - Surprised you didn't like the solo...1788 days 5hrs
My dragonfruit fowers but doesnt set fruit - Excessive water during flower anthesis will cause them to drop. All fruit will be considerably larger, and better quality, if cross pollinated. You want to hit them with a low nitrogen fertilizer every six months or so, 2-10-10 is generally what the pr..1789 days 13hrs
My dragonfruit fowers but doesnt set fruit - My zamorano fruited this year. Terrible. Absolutely beautiful looking, very, very weird flavor. Hard to describe. Something like pepper and pot glue mixed in a shoe that has been soaked in urine for several days...1789 days 13hrs
My dragonfruit fowers but doesnt set fruit - do you mean there was no pollen on the stigma? Anyway, there's really only three factors that will result in fruit not setting: A) lack of successful pollination B) Too much water during flowering C) Excessive heat during flowering. Generally, ..1793 days 21hrs
Boutique dragonfruit cuttings for sale - Last call for drinks this year. All cuttings listed 45$ each, which includes postage. Zamorano pink panther condor makisupa dark star Rixford. Also have rare, high quality fruit CV's for sale not sold by any Australian nurseries. Reply with ..1799 days 14hrs

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