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Jose Luis's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/02/16 Updated: 01/02/16 Frost:
Location: NSW, Dundas

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Jose Luis Forum Contributions
Avocado tree12 - Possums.... We have a number of fruit trees that really get devastated by possums. Our persimmon was loaded with fruit this year and not a single one managed to reach maturity. The only fruit they seem to leave alone until they get really large is the ..1167 days 15hrs
Chiku sapodilla - We are in Sydney, Dundas valley. Over the years we have had mild frost but nothing lethal. I think it was sold to us as a grafted plant. I do not think it likes where it is growing but we are not game enough to move it. I did try to pollinate it with ..1170 days 8hrs
Avocado tree12 - Thanks. This is reassuring but..... I wonder if the number of fruit would increase with a pollinator. Mind you I would be happy with four fruit if that is what can be expected from a first year of the tree bearing fruit...1170 days 13hrs
Chiku sapodilla - Pictures of my chiku tree including flowers ..1171 days 11hrs
Chiku sapodilla - I will take a picture today and send it on. Do you know if we need another plant to cross pollinate. I raise a question on this forum regarding avocados. I asked if all the varieties A and B type flower at the same time. If I get an A type (say Wurtz)..1171 days 15hrs
Jack fruit tree - Waterfall....where in Sydney are you. We are at Dundas. Do any of your fruit reach maturity? Our get rather large just before winter and then develop rot right at the top of the fruit. Our tree is rather large and is developing fruit at the moment...1172 days 15hrs
Jack fruit tree - We live in Sydney and have a jackfruit tree. I do not know the variety but told it produces crunchy fruit rather than the soft variety. Unfortunately our tree does produce fruit each year but when winter comes along we get rot that sets in from the top ..1173 days 14hrs
Chiku sapodilla - We have had this fruit tree in the ground for over 15 years and has been flowering every year for the last 5 years (at least). It is in flower now. It has never produced fruit and we have been think of replacing it with something that will produce fruit..1173 days 14hrs
Avocado tree12 - I want to get an Avocado tree or do I need two? From what I have read the best variety for us due to height would be the Wurtz which can be harvested around August thru to October. My question is which variety would be best suited as a cross pollinato..1174 days 13hrs

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