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KobiC's Edible Backyard

Joined: 22/02/16 Updated: 22/02/16 Frost:
Location: Albion

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

KobiC Forum Contributions
Pruning mango tree - Thank you for the advice everyone. Yes the intention is to screen out the building behind so we are happy to use a ladder to pick fruit. I am leaning towards pruning just a bit below where the side branch is now, so that it starts branching from ab..1737 days 2hrs
Pruning mango tree - Hi all, We have recently purchased an Alison Red (dwarf Kensington Pride) mango tree. The tree is approximately 2m tall but is yet to branch out significantly. I have read a lot that it is important to prune a young mango tree to ensure it branches ..1742 days 2hrs

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