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OllieGarcinia's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/11/16 Updated: 09/11/16 Frost:
Location: Toowoomba

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

OllieGarcinia Forum Contributions
Purple mangosteen g mangostana - Hello, anyone knows where to buy the purple mangosteen in bulk? and when is it usually available? Cheers, Ollie..917 days 3hrs
Garcinia fruits needed for research - Hi Jakfruit, Thanks, do you know any of the native species in Australia? Hi Ross, Will email you. Thanks..947 days 2hrs
This is a bit unusual fruits - Hi Rev, Did you manage to find G. atroviridis (asam gelugor) somewhere in Aussie? Ollie..949 days 4hrs
Mystery fruit1 - Hi DanielofOZ, Do you know where can I get the fruit? It looks like G. xanthochymus. Ollie..949 days 4hrs
Yellow mangosteen - Hi Ross, May I know if you still have the Yellow Mangosteen fruit? Coz I plan to use them for my research. Is it G. xanthochymus? Thanks, Ollie..949 days 4hrs
Garcinia fruits needed for research - Thanks! I will ask Tropical Fruit World about that Pademelon1, I have already got the Achacha so thanks for that (should probably mention in my question). I need to find the purple mangosteen though, as it seems they are not easily available this seaso..949 days 5hrs
Garcinia fruits needed for research - Hello there, I am a research student interested in studying the health benefits of Garcinia fruits and health. Does anyone know where to get them around Queensland and NSW or even if there are any private trees available in the backyard perhaps?? I am ..951 days 2hrs

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