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Jamez7's Edible Backyard

Joined: 21/11/17 Updated: 21/11/17 Frost:
Location: Melbourne, Brunswick East

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Jamez7 Forum Contributions
Jarilla species rare papaya relatives - Hey all! I'm now selling Jarilla species on Ebay. You can find me as conservation_through_cultivation, or just search Jarilla. I'm releasing them as batches of three plants per sale, as they are dioecuous. ..663 days 2hrs
Jarilla species rare papaya relatives - Cool, I didn't realise there were already a few in the counry. No one talks about them! On the subject of fertility, I know that like most of the Caricaceae, Jarilla species are dioecuous. So not only do you need two seperate plants for fruit, but you ne..666 days 0hrs
Jarilla species rare papaya relatives - Hey everyone! I recently obtained and started growing species of the Jarilla genus. As far as I know, these have never been cultivated in Australia before, and probably never even in a domestic setting anywhere in the world. As such, imformation on these ..669 days 1hrs

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