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Bonny's Edible Backyard

Joined: 18/03/18 Updated: 18/03/18 Frost:
Location: Dayboro

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Bonny Forum Contributions
I am lazy and id like advice - I just wanted to give you an update in case anyone is still reading this :) Yesterday we had a bobcat here for other work and I got the guy to dig me a long shelf under the existing tree liine and make it level. I’ve added a photo. He says to go any le..575 days 23hrs
I am lazy and id like advice - Thank you everyone. I have started to make a few enquiries on Gumtree. I definitely don’t mind having a go at a seed planted avo but would hate to wait many years to find out it can’t fruit! Maybe will do that in addition. I wonder if Hass seeds from ..592 days 10hrs
I am lazy and id like advice - @Trikus sorry I see what you mean now. ..601 days 22hrs
I am lazy and id like advice - Wow thank you all for your input. I realise 5 years isn’t really long enough to enjoy the benefits of fruiting trees. I’ve planted veggies, lemons, oranges and olives before and unfortunately moved house before eating anything (although I do recall on..601 days 22hrs
I am lazy and id like advice - @Trikus early, mid or late season?? ;)..605 days 14hrs

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