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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Hi Forum Contributions
Lemonade tree leaf problem - Hi Waggy, it looks like its a leaf miner issue. Purchase some pest oil from bunnings and spray the whole tree, cut of any growth with those affected leaves. ..157 days 5hrs
Jackfruit sydney - Would these grow in NSW? Do you grow them in the ground or pots? ..158 days 11hrs
Persimmon fuyu help - What is wrong with my tree? Had good growth but now its looking unhealthy..176 days 5hrs
Jackfruit trees in containers - Hi Denise, unfortunately, I live in an area where there is a possibility of getting frosts. I have read that it is best to get a seedling because it is more hardy and tolerant in temperate climates compared to grafted ones. I don't mind waiting a couple o..180 days 11hrs
Seeds for sale in sydney - I cant find the fruits anywhere in sydney, not sure where they would be as they are noted as exotic...180 days 11hrs
Seeds for sale in sydney - Hi i cant find these fruits anywhere in sydney! ..180 days 11hrs
Jackfruit trees in containers - Hi all, i have a small backyard and have a jackfruit seedling that i bought from a nursery. The seedling doesnt have a label that shows which variety it is, it is over a metre tall. Can i keep this tree in a large pot or 220L plastic drum so it doesnt..183 days 3hrs
Seeds for sale in sydney - Dear members, if anyone has exotic fruit tree seeds such as mamey sapote, white sapote, black sapote etc. Please let me know. Ive been looking for them for a while. thank you all..183 days 6hrs
Wai chee lychee sydney - can the wai chee lychee tree survive in sydney weather? thank you...184 days 7hrs
Jackfruit sydney - Any idea what variety of jack fruit this seedling is? Is it vietnam early? ..186 days 8hrs
Bread fruit seedling - hi all looking for bread fruit seedling in sydney australia. ..186 days 23hrs
Seedlings swap sydney - hi all, I have two custard apple seedlings that i am offering to swap for another tropical or sub tropical seedling. sydney area (south-west) thanks...186 days 24hrs
Kumquats - Hi All, I just bought a 5 year old calamandin cumquat from a local, i wanted a nagami but bought this accidentally. Is the taste any different? Is it better or worse? Thank you...193 days 4hrs
Panache fig tree - Hi would you like to share any cuttings?? im really looking for these figs around sydney area. ..195 days 0hrs
Sydney winter - Thank you so much Brad for your reply. I bought a star fruit seedling from ebay 2 weeks ago but its trunk is so thin and weak. Im not sure how to encourage growth and establish a strong root system. any tips? I live in liverpool area im not sure i..195 days 10hrs

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