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Keen Gardener's Edible Backyard

Joined: 07/01/19 Updated: 07/01/19 Frost:
Location: Coolum Beach

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Keen Gardener Forum Contributions
Papaya dropping flowers - Hi Mungbeans, My papaya looks exactly like yours. I grew it from seed, it is a healthy looking plant and initially got 5 fruit on it (very small though) but now the flowers just drop off before they set into fruit. I'm pretty sure it is a bisexual bec..522 days 13hrs
Thai red lady papaya plant or seeds - Thanks Danny, I might keep an eye out at Bunnings for them. Have only seen 'Red' variety in the past in Bunnings Queensland not the Thai Red Lady. I had a tree several years ago and it fruited profusely with very long large fruit - very red inside and ..548 days 13hrs
Thai red lady papaya plant or seeds - I'm trying to track down seeds or a plants of Thai Red Lady Papaya within Australia. There are some on eBay and Indian websites but I am a bit dubious about buying seeds online from an overseas country due to quarantine issues etc. Can anybody help?..550 days 19hrs

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