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Lycheelove's Edible Backyard

Joined: 08/01/19 Updated: 08/01/19 Frost:
Location: Nova Gorica

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Lycheelove Forum Contributions
Lychee tree leaves drying - Cutting of all leaves would definitely kill the plant since it could not photosynthesize anymore. It seems the lychee has root burn from the fertilizer in the soil. I have replanted it and it appears the drying out has stopped. Hopefully it will survive...246 days 7hrs
Lychee tree leaves drying - Hi! I have managed to grow a lychee from seed. It is one year old plant. I have recently repoted it and it's leaves are turning brown and dry and have dry white spots. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? Is it salvageble? Thanks. ..258 days 1hrs

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