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Backhousia Anisata - Aniseed Tree - Rainforest Plant

Aniseed Tree

Backhousia anisata

Rainforest Plant

Description: A hardy, evergreen bushy tree. Bark: Attractive, reddish-brown, corky bark. Foliage: Beautiful aniseed scented foliage which can be used fresh or dried for flavourings and teas.

Flowers: Profuse clusters of small creamy-white. flowers, produced at the ends of branches in spring.

Cultivation: Plant in fertile, well composted soiBackhousia anisata Aniseed Tree - A hardy evergreen bushy tree.l, providing some protection from frost and sun when young. Keep well watered in dry conditions. Prefers semi-shade but will grow in full sun in cooler climates, as far south as Melbourne where their size may be smaller. Apply slow release fertiliser in spring.

Uses: A beautiful specimen tree or large shrub for gardens, parks and streetscapes.

Another Great Australian Plant!