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Apricot Fireball

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Apricot Fireball

The Apricot Fireball is a new apricot and is now available to order exclusively from Daley’s Fruit Nursery.

Temperate (450hrs) – one of the lowest chilling Apricots available.


Round, even shaped, fruit maturing in November.


Deep orange coloured fruit, traditional apricot flavour – very sweet.

Partially self pollinating, but benefits from cross pollination with other Apricots. 


A traditional tasting Apricot, with very clean, smooth skin and a deep orange colour. Beautifully sweet and early maturing, the Apricot Fireball™ will bring back fond memories of how Apricots should really taste. The round, medium sized fruit contains a free stone an early to mid season (November / December) variety of Apricot. Not prone to cracking, this fruiting beauty is one plant you will want in your backyard. The Apricot Fireball™ will grow in most temperate areas of Australia and would be a welcome addition to anyone’s fruit bowl over the hot summer months.


Fruit production, espalier, feature tree or specimen shrub.

Prunus armeniaca

 New Apricot