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Apricot - Prunus armeniance


Prunus armeniaca

A deciduous, spreading tree bearing sweet, luscious apricots in Summer.

FEATURES: Masses of beautiful, early Spring blossom is followed by heavy crops of delicious, juicy apricots throughout late Spring and early Summer. Apricots are self-fertile and do not require a pollinator. Approximately Sm x Sm, depending on variety.

CONDITIONS: Apricots produce the best yields when grown in areas with cool Winters, dry Springs and warm Summers. Full sun and good drainage is essential. NeApricot - Prunus armeniacautral to slightly acid soil is preferred. Avoid frost pockets where early blossom may be damaged.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Give apricot trees plenty of space. In Summer, after harvest, prune to' maintain vase shape and fertilise. Irrigate when required. Mulch to retain soil moisture and control weeds.


• ripe apricots, eaten fresh from the tree, are delectable

• use the fruit for jams,. sauces, nectar, baking

and dehydrating

• position to enjoy Spring blossom


o Peach

o Apricot

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