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Scrub Cherry

Scrub Cherry

Syzgium Australe

Buy Scrub Cherry

Also known as:

* Australian Rose Apple

* Creek Cherry

* Brush Cherry


* Height 7-10m, Width: 3-8m

* Full Sun to Partial Shade

* Flowers: Summer to Autumn

* Frost: Tolerant of Light to Medium frostsBrush Cherry

* Pot Suitable

* Suitable for Hedging

(syn. Syzygium paniculatum, Eugenia australis, Eugenia myrtifolia)

Australian native tree grown for colourful new growth, beautiful flowers and decorative fruit.

Features: Dense, evergreen tree with oval, glossy green leaves on pendulous branches. Red to copper-brown new growth, profuse, fluffy, cream flowers in Summer and Autumn followed by clusters of edible, pink, purple to red coloured fruit.

Conditions: Suits most soil types. Prefers moist, well drained soil in full sun to partial shade.

For Best Results: Protect plants in frost prone areas. Mulch to retain soil moisture. Water well during Summer.

Planting ideas and Uses:

* Suitable for hedging or screen planting

* great feature specimen

* Good street Tree

* ideal tree for tropical areas

* juvenile plants make excellent indoor plants in decorative tubs and containers.

* eat fruit fresh or make jam