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Persea americana

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Native to South America but ideally suited to tropical and subtropical regions of Australia, this dense and attractive evergreen tree can be planted at any time of the year. Grafted trees will commence cropping just after three years, producing delicious creamy fleshed fruit.

BACON (B): Early variety with highest tolerance to cold. Easily peeled light tasting of good quality.

SHEPPARD (B): Small to medium pearAvocado Persea americana - bacon sheppard - fuetre - pinkerton - reed - hass-shaped fruit, thick green skin, excellent flavour, with medium oil content. Displays good resistance to frost and Anthracnose.

FUERTE (B): Pear shaped fruit with slightly rough, thin green skin .. B~ttery textured flesh, excellent flavour. Vigorous spreading habit showing alternate bearing characteristics. Good cold tolerance. Cross ponination preferred in cooler climates.

SHARWI LL (B): Medium sized fruit with rough green skin closelr resembling the Fuerte but slightly more oval shape. Rich flavoured fruit, good oil content and smal seed. SenSitive to frost.

PINKERTON (A): Sml seeded med sized rounded fruit. Green leathery pliable skin. Smooth-texture flesh, good flavour and high oil content.

REED (A): Hardy, vigorous and more cold tolerant. Large round fruit with thick green to black skin. Excellent quality, smooth delicate flavour. Small tree, good home garden selection.

HASS (A): The most popular variety with superior taste and keeping qualities. The medium pear-shaped fruit has an excellent creamy flesh and no fibre. The leathery rough dark-purple skin turns to black when ripe. Performs well in most regions.

WURTZ (A): Small compact weeping tree popular for the back yard or container growing. A moderate cropper. The medium Sized fruit is pear-shaped with dark green skin.

SECONDO (A): A very late selection that produces a fear shaped green skinned fruit with a Hass like textured skin. The fruit is of excellen quality with a rich creamy texture. This is a selection with Hass and Sharwill as parents.

SEEDLING: Hardy vigorous selection ideal for marginal areas. More tolerant of heavy soils. Fruiting time can vary between 4-10 years.


Avocados need well-drained soil rich in organic matter. They are susceptible to the rootrot fungus Phytophthora cinamomi, which thrives in poorly drained soils. Mulching will help keep tree roots healthy and protect against root-rot. Protect tree when young from

wind and strong sunlight. Avocados require little or no pruning once established.

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