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Cedar Bay Cherry

or Beach Cherry

Eugenia Reinwardtiana

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An evergreen bushy shrub, reaching 2m in height in exposed conditions and up to 6m in protected sites. Small clusters of white flowers in spring and summer followed by sweet tasting edible, orange-red berries. Plants fruit while quite small, in sun or part shade, but not in great numbers. Attractive deep red new growth. A hardy shrub for tropical and subtropical gardens, well suited for coastal positions, tolerating moderate coastal exposure and salt-laden winds. Plant in well drained, friable soil and keep weed and grass free. Keep well watered and fertilise with a complete plant food every three months. Suited to planting under trees in a shady spot and a terrific tub specimen and bush tucker plant.Beach-Cherry-Eugenia-Reinwardtiana


- Full Sun

- Part Shade

- Garden: Height: 1-2m, Width: 1-2m

- Rainforest: Height: 4-6m, Width 2m