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Black Bean Tree

Black Bean Tree

Castanospermum Australe

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* Height: 10-15m, Width 3-5m

* Full Sun

* Spring Summer

* Bird Attracting

Ornamental, Australian native, evergreen tree which provides good shade.

Features: Tall, evergreen tree, originally from rainforest areas. Glossy foliage made up of many small leaflets. Bright yellow and orange pea-like flowers in Spring/Summer are followed by pods that contain large chestnut-like seeds. Attractive to birds, bats and possums.Black Bean Tree Castanospermum Australe

Conditions: Suited to fertile, well drained soils in full sun. Sensitive to frost.

For Best Results: Water plants well in the growing season, particulaly those in containers. Best in regions not below 8 degrees.

Planting Ideas and Uses:

- Attractive tree for tropical gardens

- Good on sunny patios or indoors in decorative containers.