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Blood Orange Citrus sinensis Matures mid-season

Blood Orange

Citrus sinensis


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Matures mid-season, deep red flesh, juicy and sweet flavoured.


FEATURES: Beautiful small tree around 3-6m tall. Shiny deep green foliage sets off highly fragrant white spring blossom. Fruit take 10-12 months to turn orange indicating their ripeness.

CONDITIONS: Suited to light, fertile, free draining soils in full sun, Water generously by deep soaking over hot months. Frost toleraOrange Cultural Notesnt.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Use citrus fertiliser in early spring and early autumn.


• eat fruit fresh or squeeze for juice

• rind and juice used in cakes, biscuits, sauces, stuffing or marinades


• Troyer Citrange


• Benton Citrange

Sweet Orange

• Swingle Citrumelo 

• Rough Lemon or Citronelle