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Easy to grow fruiting deciduous shrub to 2m tall bearing clusters of sweet blue edible berries during spring Low Chill blueberries will fruit readily throughout subtropical regions of Aust. Ideal fruiting pot plant.

Blueberrn Vaccinium hvbrids

Blueberry Varietal Information

BILOXI: A new tetraploid highbush. Vigorous, upright and productive bush. Early fruiting, medium size, good colour, small stem scar, and good flavour.

MISTY: A popular early fruiting variety, with light blue medium to large frUit of excellent flavour. Hardy if grown under ideal conditions. Blueberry Vaccinium hybrids

SUNSHINE BLUE: Semi-dwarlbushwithbranched compact habit, showy hot pink flowers and delicious sweet flavour.

BACKYARD BLUE: An excellent eating variety for the subtropics with very low chilling requirements.

GULF COAST: A late fruiting,low chill, high bush variety. Excellent flavour, firmness and good picking scar.

SHARP BLUE: Excellent quality large fruit. Very low chill requirements and self-pollinating. A tough and vigorous bush.

Harvest July to November.

RABBIT EYES: These selections require cross pollination from another rabbit eye variety. Hardy vigorous varieties that will extend the harvesting season into Spring.

- Premier - Climax - Powder Blue - Brightwell


Blueberries require friable, workable soils that are moisture retentive but well drained, rich in organic matter and acidic. Although most varieties will set fruit, . cross pollination will improve fruit set. May need netting as the birds love them!

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