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Buy Boysenberries

Dusty purple coloured berries are produced on a trailing vine up to 7m

long. Well suited to home gardens.

FEATURES: The fruit is aromatic and a « little tart to taste. Leaves emerge early Spring, flowers mid Spring and fruit from early Summer.

CONDITIONS: Boysenberries thrive in rich, fertile, well drained soils in full sun. Dig manure into soil before planting. Support vines on a strong wire trellis, a fence or shed. Tie new canes firmly onto support. (Refer to picBoysenberries Dusty purple coloured berriestures below.)

FOR BEST RESULTS: Control weeds with a thick mulch or black plastic sheeting. Fertilise early Spring and late Summer. Supply ample water during growth of berries which coincides with hot weather. Cut canes back to the ground each Winter. New canes produce seasons fruit.


• enjoy fresh fruit in fruit salad, pies or tarts

• excellent in jam

• can be stored frozen for out of season use