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Brazilian Custard Apple or Biriba

Rollinia or Brazilian Custard Apple

Also Known as: Biriba

Rollinia deliciosa or R. mucos

Buy Rollinia or Brazilian Custard Apple

A vigorous growing tree suited to tropical to coastal subtropical climates. Creamy fleshed fruit and eaten fresh.

Rollinia deliciosa

• Grafted

Rollina mucosa

• Seedling

Brazilian Custard Apple or Biriba Rollinia deliciosa or R. mucosaVigorous tree for sub/tropical climates grown for delicious creamy fleshed fruit.

FEATURES: Fruits have soft spine pattern, smooth dark brown seeds and sweet aromatic creamy flesh. Pick when fruit slightly soft. Best eaten straight from tree. Flavour taints after 12-24hrs. R. mucosa is more frost tolerant and a heavier cropper than R. deliciosa.

CONDITIONS: Suited to rich fertile preferably sandy loam soils in a sunny site in sub/tropical climates. Tolerates light frosts once established.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Enrich soil with rich compost, mulch well and fertilise regularly during growing season. Water by deep soaking. Lightly prune to an open vase shape in Spring.


• tropical or coastal subtropical gardens

• beautiful fruit for home garden