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Carob Tree Ceratonia siliqua

Carob Tree

Ceratonia siliqua

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Evergreen compact tree with glossy dark green foliage. Grows 5 to 7m high. A good shade tree or can be pruned as a hedge. The flesh of the seed pod is a source of chocolate substitute. Very drought resistant but sensitive to heavy frost. Grows best in well drained soil.

Long-lived, evergreen tree with a broad dense canopy has large, leathery, compound leaves. Pale greenish-purple flowers and produced in Summer with male and female flowers on seperate trees. Som varieties are however self-fertile. Abundant curved pods with shiny seeds embedded in a sweet, floury, edible pulp mature in early Winter.

Conditions: Prefers fertile, well-drained soil in the full sun. Tolerant of part-shade, light frost and dry periods once established.

For Best Results: Protect young trees from frost. Established trees require only infrequent but deep watering. Prune to shape as required when young. Mature trees need very little maintainance.

Planting Ideas and Uses

- Attractive shade tree for waterwise gardens.

- Eat fruit fresh or dry and grind into powder to use as a cocoa substitute.

- Clifford is the grafted and self fertile variety.


Height: 5-8 meters

Width: 5-8 meters

Best in Full Sun.

Summer you will get flowers.

Prefers Well Drained Soil

It is very drought tolerant.